Tuesday, April 6, 2010

oh boy am i a slacker

I always think im caught up on everything and then i realize i havent blogged in ages. So much has happened I wouldnt even know where to start but I can tell you a few good things. 1. Im in the new Prims magazine by Somerset Studios! Its out now!! You can get it at any Barnes and Noble or Borders pretty much anywhere. I even found a few copies at Michaels yesterday! 2. I just listed a few paintings in my artfire store.. including the Drive By Trucker "my sweet annette" painting I will be back soon I promise!!


  1. I JUST purchased your Christmas Eenies Collection of patterns and I am going to print them off tomorrow when I get my hands on a printer!! Your Eenies are just too irresistibly sweet:)

  2. Congratulations Annie, that looks like a wonderful magazine...a bit late with my comment but I've been busy too! Have a wonderful Autumn!